Every now and again, websites unfortunately get hacked, or your website can go offline for many different reasons. This is rare, but it can mean that you are left with no way of getting your website back.

Hosting companies often keep backups of your website, but we have found that this isn’t always complete, so it’s best to keep full copies of your site in the event of an emergency.

To make a copy of your website, you need to copy all of your existing files using FTP, and download your MySQL database that is used to make your WordPress website.

If you would like to do this yourself, you may find this useful


However, we can do this for you

If you would like us to make a copy of your website, we do offer this service.

This means that you can have an exact copy of your website as it is today in the event that your site is lost.  We give you a copy so that if the worst were to happen, we could help you get up and running again within hours.

How much does it cost?

We can download all of your files and your database, convert it into a smaller zip file, and send you the link to download it and keep it safe. This is a one off charge of £20.

Also, if you do need to have your website uploaded again in the future, this will be just £10, as long as you still have the files we have given you, and we can have access to your hosting.

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