Things are changing at Cascade Design

Due to family commitments and in an effort to simplify our work, we will no longer be offering web design updates or support on existing websites.  In addition, we will be stopping our hosting too, as this is too costly for us to maintain.

We have so many customers, that we are not in a position to offer the help needed, and has also meant that we are having to turn down new commissions.

What does this mean for you?

Support and website updates

We will still be able to offer help occassionally, but this will be very limited.


If you already have your website hosted with us, there is no need to panic. We will be contacting you when it is due for renewal, so that we can move your website to your own hosting.

This is something we can help you set up. If your site is made with wordpress, there is a charge of £60 as it takes quite a bit of work to make sure it is done well. See:

If you do not have your website hosted with us, then there is nothing you need to change.