The contract here is a very simple one, and is designed to protect both myself, and you the customer.

If you are paying in installments, we charge half up front and half on completion:

When we take on a new project, we set aside between 3 days to a week for smaller sites, and around 2 weeks or more for larger sites, and a few extra days for any other issues that might arise.

During the time that the site is being made, there will be a holding page telling visitors to your site that it is being worked on, along with your logo, contact information etc.

You will be able to see the site taking shape though, if you would like. We issue you with a login, so you can access the site, and see how it’s shaping up.

Please be aware that the maximum period of time between starting the site and finishing the site must be no longer then 14 days, unless agreed beforehand. This prevents there from being the situation where a customer pays the first half, and then doesn’t commit to deliver the content needed to create the website.

If the customer does not provide the needed information to finish the site, the full amount is still due.

Once the website is finished, the full amount is then payable.  We will invoice you, and as soon as this clears, the site goes live.

You do of course have 28 days by law in which to pay, but obviously the sooner you pay, the sooner the world will be able to see your shiny new website.

If you are paying the full amount up front, you will see the site taking shape live. And there will be no second payment due of course.

There isn’t much else to know.

Of course, if you have any questions we are just a phone call away.