There are two reasons why your website should be mobile friendly.

1. People look at your website using their phone

Nowadays, so many people view websites using their phone or tablet.  Up to 60% of visitors to my cabin site are on their phone. If your site doesn’t resize itself to fit their phone, its unlikely visitors will spend the time trying to find what they need, and will move on to another site.

2. Google may lower your ranking if you are not mobile friendly

From April last year Google will now be looking to see if your website is mobile friendly. If it is not, google may lower your ranking, or where it appears in search results.  Google is interested in delivering relevant, mobile content to its consumers, so if yours isn’t, its likely to move lower in search results.

What does “mobile friendly” mean anyway?

It means that not only can you view the site on your mobile, but that it is RESPONSIVE.

RESPONSIVE means that your website resizes and shuffles itself around to show up properly on mobile devices and tablets.

If you’re not sure, you can find out if your own website is mobile friendly